Feeling Fabulous

Feeling Fabulous Every lady desires to feel beautifully fabulous and, preferably, all the time, but in reality that is not always the case. I’m just glad that I woke up today feeling wonderful, and very positive about life.

We Went Out Last Night

We Went Out Last Night By we, I mean hubby and I. It has been so long since we have gone out. I have to say, it is my fault. I have developed a skin condition which caused me not to want to be seen in public. At least not if I can help it. …

Freetress Equal Wig Sapphire

Freetress Equal Sapphire The Freetress Equal Sapphire wig is extremely affordable. This is one of the most super comfortable and soft wig that I own. The options are endless with this wig. You can either wear it up or leave it down for a  sultry look. No need to worry about it holding up while …

P.S I Love You

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The way you choose to see things makes a lot of difference on how you live your life everyday. It determines whether you are happy or sad. Many times I could think of so many different things for us to do together, and what I was going to do to make them happen. Then something …

Sensational Wig

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This wig is from sensational. This is my special occasion wig. I’m sure you can imagine what it’s like working day in, day out with so many wonderful wig styles when you’re a wearer yourself. The dilemma I have to go through when choosing a wig to wear. If you need more information about this wig, leave …

Model Model

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Another one of my favorite wig is this one by model model. I have already bought at least five of this baby. Not only is it my everyday wig, it can also be worn on special occasions. If you need more information about this wig, leave me a comment or contact me directly.  

Isis Brown Sugar Wig BS223

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Isis Brown Sugar Wig BS223 The Isis Brown Sugar Wig BS223 is such a beautiful unit.  I love this wig. Compare to other lace-fronts the Bs223 is splendid mid length Layered styles with middle part. Brown Sugar soft Swiss Lace wigs delivers the best result when it comes to styling, long lasting ,maximum comfort , …

Hello Spring

I am excited that spring is finally here and the cold will gradually be coiling down. With this excitement I have selected some beautiful outfits to share with you. I hope you like them as much as I do…

Count Your Blessings

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When someone fails you, find understanding. When someone leaves you, find independence. When someone hurts you, find forgiveness. When someone cares for you, count your blessings.

Time means nothing, character does

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You can meet somebody tomorrow who has better intentions for you than someone you’ve known forever. Time means nothing, character does.